Possible uses for Feedreader Connect

Here are some possible uses for Feedreader Connect application.

  • Access articles from mobile device – Most of todays mobile phones and communicators support IMAP as the email protocol for reading mails in mobile device. Feedreader Connect's email server has tested with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and Nokia Series60 among other platforms.
  • Read articles from remote location – Setup Feedreader Connect in the office and access your articles with standard mail client application from all over the world. All read articles are remembered and when you come back to office you do not have to quess what articles to mark as read.
  • Import articles to 3rd party (server) application - It's easy to setup Feedreader Connect to forward individual email articles to predefined email account as computer readable data. Server application can poll predefined email account for changed, download new articles and process them before saving article information to database.
  • Create news portal – It's easy to setup Feedreader Connect to upload feeds and smartfeeds to remote server. Just add you custom stylesheet for portal user interface changing. And it's extra easy to upload feeds and smartfeeds for use by other RSS reader applications (mobile or desktop).
  • Forward important news to Instant Messaging Account – whereever you are, you can always receive important news and articles with your MSN Messenger. Just define smartfeed with necessary rules and tell Feedreader Connect to what MSN address to send all new articles in defined smartfeed. You can even add multiple MSN addresses.
  • Create your own mailinglist – Feedreader Connect can forward incoming articles to multiple email addresses. Share the information with your coworkers.
  • Use Feedreader Connect as proxy for feed downloading - If you have a lot of users in you office, you can let Feedreader Connect publish downloaded feeds to company intranet and direct all user's subscriptions to cached feeds in intranet server.

You are welcome to publish your thoughts of additional uses here as comments.

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