Introducing Feedreader Anywhere

Just to let you know. We are introducing Feedreader Anywhere on our new site.

What a great level of service from the feedreader developers, we had our Travel Insurance RSS up and running in less than 6 hours.



Will there be any 3.15 version soon?


It does not work for me

Well, I don't know what is your concept of 'on the fly' feedreader..but it certainly is the same as mine, which means: "I can read all my PERSONAL feeds everywhere, in other words, FEEDREADER WILL NOT STORAGE ANY REQUIRED FILES ON THE 'HOST' COMPUTER - INSTEAD, IT WILL STORAGE ALL IT'S FILES (INCLUDING THE REQUIRED ONES) IN MY PEN DRIVE. well, that being said, why does the rssengine.fdb file is storaged in APPDATA from the computer?it seems to be required for the program to work properly. And one more thing before I forget: I plug my pendrive to the computer and then I associate my feed source with FEEDREADER. When I finish reading my news then I plug it with another computer and FEEDREADER tell me that it lost all my previous feed sources. Now I ask, does this behavior of FEEDREADER has anything to do with what I just said? How to make FEEDREADER storage my feed sources in a .fdb file and save it in my pen drive?

thanks for reading this! And keep up the good work!

yikes 2 years since last update, is this software dead?

yikes 2 years since last update, is this software dead?