Quick tips

  • Check "View > Hide read feeds" and you have much less clutter in Feedreader
  • Check "View > Hide read articles" and Feedreader will open feeds faster. You do not have to delete read articles. They will be deleted automatically based on archive size of feed.
  • You can change update frequency and archive size of all your subscribed feeds if you go to "File > Feed management" and press Control+A or select multiple feeds from left pane.
  • To trigger update of selected feed double click on feed icon on the left hand panel.
  • If you would like to see bigger notification window then you can just resize it. Also it's possible to move notification window to wherever you want it to be in desktop
  • If feed only contains link to article then you can make Feedreader automatically open this article link by checking "Open article link automatically" in feed properties

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