Feedreader 3.06 released


We are announcing Feedreader version 3.06. It's available for download from here.

What's new and changed in Feedreader 3.06

  • Opening folders is instant now. In previous versions FR always updated unread counts if folder was opened
  • Feedreader is more responsive then updating feeds.
  • Feedreader now memorizes opened folders. So you can have multiple folders open and on next startup they will also be open.
  • New state of feed available. If there are new items since last time you opened feed, it's icon will have small star in it.
  • Feedreader now defaults to one feed update process.If you want multiple feed update processes then it's possible to change this in program connection options.
  • Progress is visible when feed update is active.
  • If sending article by email all recipient addresses will be saved during the session (easy to send another article to same recipient)
  • If emailstyle.xsl exists in stylesheet folder then it's used as style when sending articles by email.
  • New options in notification window (how long notification window is displayed and also possibility to use fade in and out in notification window).
  • Possibility to mark all news in notification window as read.
  • Possibility to turn off automatic marking of newsitem read then viewing it. If you turn of automatic marking then you can use keyboard shortcut Control+q to mark article(s) read.
  • New feedreader.ini setup string : dbdirectory=???. If you would like to store main database in some other folder then you can use this definition to tell Feedreader where your database is located
  • Fixed bug - Google Mail Atom feed does not work.
  • Fixed bug - In earlier versions you just could not create really advanced filters (multiple levels). Now it should be possible
  • Fixed bug - Now it's possible to use unicode characters in smartfeed definitions.
  • Fixed multiple bugs - Unread count calculating.
  • Fixed multiple bugs – Memory leaks.

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