Introducing Feedreader Anywhere

It's about time to introduce new server based application called Feedreader Anywhere (or simply FRAW).
Feedreader Anywhere is version of Feedreader that runs, well, anywhere :). And it does not matter if we are talking about different operation systems or different geographical continents. Whatever kind of computer or phone or appliance you are using or in whatever location you are currently happen to reside – all your feeds are only a click away. And even if you have not used Feedreader Anywhere for a while you still have all the newest articles waiting for you. This is because Feedreader Anywhere updates feeds even if user has not logged on.
So in one word – Feedreader Anywhere is a Feedreader that is available anywhere without the need for complicated installation and management process.

When developing Feedreader Anywhere our priority was not to duplicate the functionality of standard Feedreader. There are a lot of different features in Feedreader that are really not used by everybody. So we want to keep this thing simple. After all – this is the logic that we are praised for.
At the same time standard Feedreader lacks anything that is related to groupware features. But these features are highly needed in corporate environments. The coolest groupware feature that will be included in Feedreader Anywhere is the functionality to share and subscribe the folder of feeds. Basically one user can create a structure of folders and feeds and share the folder. Other users can subscribe this folder and use it the way like it was their own folder. And if user who shared the folder subscribes to new feeds in this folder or unsubscribes from some feeds then all the changes are reflected on every user who has subscribe to this particular shared folder.
Multiuser environment also opens some interesting possibilities when it comes to finding the feeds that user could be interested in. For example user subscribes to „CNN Top Stories“ newsfeed. Feedreader Anywhere analyzes other users feeds and can then offer a list of feeds that are subscribed by users who have also subscribed to „CNN Top Stories“.
Using Feedreader RSS allows us to aggregate Tech Blogs from Anywhere, Our Blogs now cover the latest tech new from everywhere.
Some screenshots


How we are placing the product
We see Feedreader Anywhere as a product that can be used by companies for providing their employees the access to RSS feeds without any complicated installation processes in every computer in corporation. Feedreader Anywhere is also great way to go if corporation has offices in multiple locations and intranet has quite loose architecture.
Feedreader Anywhere can be used for offering employees the access to public RSS feeds (newspapers, portals and so on) but can also be used for sharing corporate information inside the company. Be it then CRM messages, company news, or daily menu :).
We also see Feedreader Anywhere as starting point for creating custom workflows that are different in case of every company. For example news agencies can add editorial environment to Feedreader Anywhere. Media monitoring companies could use Feedreader Anywhere as client portal for sharing information. PR entities inside larger corporations can use Feedreader Anywhere for storing articles. Uses are limitless.
We will not currently offer Feedreader Anywhere as public service. The idea is interesting but we are lacking the resources to do it with quality.

Technical details
Technically speaking - Feedreader Anywhere is a web application that lies on top of Feedreader Connect Server. Feedreader Anywhere is developed using Borland Delphi that is non-interpreted language. This means that application is really fast then compared to usual applications that are developed using PHP, Java, DotNet or Perl.
Feedreader Anywhere runs as Apache module. It's also possible to offer ISAPI module then there is request for this.
As Feedreader Anywhere user interface is developed using HTML and Javascript then anybody can create 100% custom layout for Feedreader Anywhere. Develop special iPhone version or version for WAP browsers – everything is possible. It's only matter of changing HTML and Javascript.
Feedreader Anywhere and Feedreader Connect Server are both using MySQL Server as database backend. On request Microsoft SQL port is also possible.
Preview available
You are welcome to get a sneak preview of Feedreader Anywhere. Please navigate to and after simple registration (no emails and other non-important stuff is asked) you are ready to go. If you cannot get yourself registered then you can always play with username "test" and password "test".
If checking out sneak preview of Feedreader Anywhere then please notice that this is not 100% running and completed application. This is really not even an alpha version but something that's shown fresh from our labs. So in other words – not everything is not working. And if it does not work in your case then please give us time to make things better.
Things that do not exist yet or are under development:

  • Unread counts
  • Seeing more than 200 articles at one time
  • Smart feeds
  • Different layout modes
  • Folder sharing and subscribing.
  • It's not possible to trigger feed update manually
  • No ways to import feed list (OPML).
  • Search is only using article titles.
  • Auto-discovery of feeds does not work
  • etc

Supported web browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (7,8)
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome.

When it comes to web browsers then safest bet is to use Firefox or Google Chrome for testing.

Nice One

Looks very interesting, Easy way to get feeds in real time in one APP
I use RSS every day and love.

Great Read!

This would be an excellent tool to use!
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Feed reader Anywhere can be

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This going to help a lot for

This going to help a lot for those people who are related to new media as they want to be update all the time. This RSS feed will help them a lot to be updated all the time

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i miss

i miss the two special feeds "unread articles" and to eglen a lesser extent, "read articles"

Article reading by the

Article reading by the introduction of RSS feedreader has really become easy. It is a features which never makes you forgot about your reading stuff. If you are not able to read all the article RSS reader will starts from where you left and this is what RSS feedreader really impressed me a lot

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Search and what is inside the database?

When you say "Search is only using article titles.".
Is this temporary, or do you give-up on having the same search function as in feedreader for PC?
What exactly do you store in the database on your servers? Do you store 100% the same information as in RSSENGINE.FDB or just the feed items titles? (in this case, the interest of an online version is limited...)

Search is currently limited

Search is currently limited to titles because of performance matters. We did not know how the server (that is really a simple computer) will react if a lot of users will use FRAW. Now we see that there are no problems and we could of course activate the body search. It's really not about functionalities.

FRAW uses Feedreader Connect database that is in either mysql or in ms sql. In our case it's in mysql server. Feedreader Connect will update 100000 feeds without any problems. So here we do not see scalability issues.

Few features to make it fully functionnal

A quick question: how do you edit a feed? For example, I was trying to read the CNN feed URL, but couldn't open feed properties. I hope that you will manage to hack via javascript the right click in the web browser.
In the same vein, how do you delete a feed?
Will you support opml file import soon?
I guess all of this is in the workings, but these points are crucial to make feedreader web version fully usable (smart feeds being next one on the list).

Hi! As I said in our


As I said in our announcement - this is not a full product. This is not even alpha. OF course it lacks all the functionalities that you are mentioning.

Now we are having a summer vacation and all the extra features will appear approximately in September

So much to say about this server based feedreader...

I am wondering what kind of feedback you are expecting about this new version? I am asking this, because I have so much to feedback to you. But given my experience being almost 100% ignored when giving feedback about feedreader for PC (free version), I am not enclined to leave many comments to help you make this web server version a better product...
So I will stick to the minimum here.
First, wow, what a great idea, and the implementation is great indeed. Although some functions may still be under development, this is already a greatly functional tool. Bravo to the dev team for such a nice idea and implementation!
I developped myself a similar tool, using a web interface. The only thing that I added is that my tool supports ANY, just ANY website, whether it has a rss feed or not. And I scrap *all content*, that is not just the 1st 3 lines that generally appear inside feed items, but the full article that is on the web page (without the commercials, of course :) ).
What makes FRAW stand-out from the crowd is that you store all the data on your side, it is a true in-the-cloud application.
Question#1: what is the frequency of updates? I mean does it work even when I am not logged in, so that when I log-in, I will immediately see the list of my feeds with up-to-date unread articles? Or do you update the database just when the user logs-in, so that the user must wait a while after logging-in, as is the case with the traditional feedreader?
Question #2: security: I extensively use custom-made feeds that require a password. The password is inside the feed URL, in plain letters. As long as I use feedreader on my PC, I am fine with this. But uploading feed URLs to your server with sensitive information makes me nervous. What is the security here? What is the chance of other users hacking the system and accessing my private list of feeds? What garantees me that you will not make commercial use of my usage stats and feed URLs?
Finally, I suggest that you spend more time working on the user interface. Jasvascript and AJAX offer so many possibilities. In my opinion, you are trying too much to make the web service look like feedreader for PC. And the result is too "static". You could make some fancy animations a la iPod, scrolling in 3D trhoug feed items (I made a propotype of this already). Your interface is too "cold", you should work on rounding the corners and making things more dynamic and fun to use.

The problem with your

The problem with your comments to standard Feedreader is that (as I said already earlier) we are not in lack of ideas. We are in lack of resources. Problem is that it's not financially beneficial for us to add any new features to this free version. We will add new features if paying clients need them. This logic is sad but true. If we will choose between windows application and web application then we choose the web application and will put our main development forces there.

What comes to your questions then I will try to answer them...

A1 - Feeds are updated constantly. Even if you have not logged on for two weeks then feeds are still updated daily. We will also add "manual update" button to interface that helps you be 100% sure that everything is up to date.

A2 - There is no garantee in case of free service that we are providing. It's the same as Google - you should not subscribe to private feeds. At the same time it's different if the application is used inside company. They can provide the security. But of course we currently will not make commercial use of your private feeds.

A3 - you may be right about look of the application. At the same time lots of users (also in companies) are already using standard feedreader. This means that this interface is already familiar to them. I would not want to change the layout or color too much here. Of course AJAX stuff should be added, I'm not against this.

Too bad it won't be for the general public

Shame it won't be available to the general public.

I have been looking for a way to check my feeds from multiple locations, but I really don't like Google Reader's interface for some reason. I'm still using FeedReader only on my main system. It would be so nice if I could use this to check my feeds from every pc, having read items and all up to date at all locations, while still maintaining the interface I like.

Could individuals pay to use this once it's ready for prime time?

Lets let some water to flow

Lets let some water to flow to see (at least in Estonian we say this). Maybe the demo version will stay free even when it has matured. Or maybe we could do some simple and cheap service. We will have to see how application plays out.

Some Feedback/Questions

1) How you get inform there are new feeds? Feedreadeer desktop has an orange cube next to the system clock, how will be in the web edition?
2) Once you are inside the web system, how do you logout?
3) As a suggestion on top of the interface should be clearly the username logged, maybe my partner logs to my browser's FRAW and I don't get advice on that shitch
4) Is this planned to be a free of charge service?
5) Import/export feeds feature will be highly recommended
6) Localizing it in other languages like in spanish will be also desirable to spread it.
7) Suggested to develop as a Firefox Add-on to log easily same as or for Firefox


Martin A.

1) - currently we do not

1) - currently we do not know that yet. Of course it could be possible to do some external application. Javascript alerts inside the window are not enough.

2) - Now there's a logout button

3) - Now there's a username

4) - Our primary focus is still in developing software (and not service) for end users. At the same time there can be this kind of free service for demo purposes.

5) - Yes, we have thought about that. But as main focus is not currently in standard Feedreader and FRAW integration then we have marked this with a little bit lower priority. You know you first have to create the elementary functionalities :).

6) - this is not a problem at all. We will eventually do this when the interface has matured. We could even use the same already translated strings in normal Feedreader.

Firefox Add-On

I am glad I found Feed Reader. It's the best RSS reader that I have ever used. A Firefox extension would be a great option I would love to see.



special feeds

i miss the two special feeds "unread articles" and to a lesser extent, "read articles"

I think we will at least do

I think we will at least do the "unread articles" part of your wishes. In fact the feeds are technically the same smartfeeds as in normal Feedreader. We just cannot currently offer the fullblown smartfeed generator/editor.

Our registering procedure

Our registering procedure had a bug. Now you can try to create all usernames again. Please just use new login names if you have already created login name before.


hi there,
i got problem. i just register and i can't login..
it's show me error msg like this -

You can try to register new

You can try to register new name. and something simple like "xyz" for both username and password. It should work.

it's work!

okay i just tried use xyz like u mention before.
yups, it's work dude. nice work! ;)
ohh, and pls delete Za3mOn and Ze33eZ id could u?
it's both not work.. so maybe i can registr use it next time, when this thing become more stable.

hey i wonder, it's possible to export all my feed from desktop client to web version? it would be great! definetly beat Google bookmark ;)

rss social bookmarking

Talking about RSS feeds, Can you post the list of sites rss social bookmarking service, because I really need...from me