Feedreader 3.14 released

Just to let everybody (who does not follow our company news) know - we released Feedreader 3.14 yesterday :). More information from here.

Version 3.14

I down loaded Feed Reader 3.14.

Do I install "over" the current version I am using? Or do I uninstall the current version and do a new, clean install of Version 3.14?



It would be much safer if

It would be much safer if you could uninstall the older version first.

Also i could suggest you to make a backup just in case.

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The bug about which I wrote in "Feedreader 3.14 Beta 3" blog remained. Can't add some news (http://tracker.0day.kiev.ua/rss.php) In other readers it works. Fix it please.

Its the fault of the site,

Its the fault of the site, it serves different content depending on the user host. Get them to stop that and just server rss

Maybe you can solve this

Maybe you can solve this nuance, because other readers doesn't have this problem.
Also I found another error: in http://nightfall.kiev.ua/torrent/index.php?act=rssout&id=2 reader can't see the cover of the film (http://nightfall.kiev.ua/torrent/photos/*.jpg For example http://nightfall.kiev.ua/torrent/photos/090509231721.jpg), but the other images are displayed correctly (http://nightfall.kiev.ua/torrent/uploader/uploads/*.jpg For example http://nightfall.kiev.ua/torrent/uploader/uploads/skrin2_2009. This is my internal torrent, so I do not know whether you see it. But if you can - fix it, please.