Feedreader 3.14 Beta 2 released

We are happy to release next beta release of Feedreader 3.14. It's following to the Beta1 what was released here.
Changes and additions that are changed since beta1:

Offline support added
We have added basic offline support. It's good if you are going somewhere where you have a lot of time and no internet at all ;). A summer cottage, bus or plane is an example although at least in Estonia we have wifi even in intercity buses ;). You can also use this feature if you have slow internet connection because you can let Feedreader to preload all articles.
This feature turned out pretty cool. We did not want to over-engineer it and tried to keep it simple. Basically we save remote web pages (those webpages that are linked from articles title) to database. By default we do not save any images to make things run fast and smoothly. If you want to try out saving articles with images then add downloadwebpagestocache=1 to feedreader.ini. But I warn you that it may not be that smooth experience.
There are two ways of saving articles to database. One way is to select File > Offline > Work offline


After clicking on this link you will see new window that lets you automatically download articles that you need.

Just select the period from where you want to download articles, specify if you only want to download unread articles. "Leave feed updates running" means that you are activating offline mode for reading articles but at the same time everything else except the article retrieving from cache works normally. This is good maybe in case of slow connections where you would always wait for article web pages to download completely. Now you can let Feedreader download all articles to cache and then read them quickly.
If "Work offline" is activated then only difference between "online mode" is that if article is in our local cache and you click on article title in minibrowser then instead of going to remote web page Feedreader retrieves cached copy of this web page from database and shows like normal web page.
If you do not want to download all articles and are interested only in articles in some feed then you can click on "No download, just switch to offline mode" and select articles that you want to download. After this select "Download selected articles for offline viewing" from article listing popupmenu.

In previous screenshot you also see how the articles that are in cache are displayed. Basically a little blue marking in front of article title.

Other changes:

  • We have updated tree component that we are using inside Feedreader. It fixes some bugs but can also trigger

    new. So if you see some really weird things happening to either feed tree or item listings then just let us know.

  • "Keep application in front when opening links in browser" is fixed

Please download beta from here (zip from here).


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Thanks !!!

Thanks for fixing the problem with the proportion variation after switching to normal view !

I am not getting the

I am not getting the 'Download articles for offline reading' selection in the context menu after selecting the 'No download, switch to offline mode' button. Please fix this.

eeepc 901

Can you please download in

Can you please download in any case feedreader.exe from here


again. We fixed this bug after releasing beta2.

Also your comments about Feedreader use in eeepc are welcome. Hoe does Feedreader feel there and what do you think about Full screen mode. We developed fullscreen mode exactly for small screens.


-"Keep application in front

-"Keep application in front when opening links in browser" is fixed

Awesome, toomas! Grabbing it right now -- Thanks!

A more useful feature would be ...

Hi, I do not see the point of this new feature. If I download to cache all pages for online use, I see many problems:

- Huge size on disk. My feedreader database is already 140GB bid and takes for ages to load when I open feedreader. Closing feedreader also takes more than 1 minute. Yes, I do regularly clean up the database with the feedreaderbackup utility. Caching web pages will only bloat the whole thing.

- On some sites like digg, the RSS feed points to a digg page that points to a page on the web. The interesting page is the one on the second level (the page pointed to from digg). So just saving the digg page does not help when I am offline.

- When I am travelling (offline), I take this time to delete most of the feed items that do not look intersting, and I save the items to a "For later browsing" folder. This is enough for a good productive use of feedreader.

One feature that would be interesting, though, is to add offline support for attachement downloads. While offline, I want to download an attachement, so I double click on the pin icon. Of course nothing happens, because I am offline. I would like those downloads to be queued, so that when I connect back online, all those queued attachements would start to be downloaded. With the 3.14 version, it seems that if I click on an attachement while offline, feedreader just forgets about it, which is a pitty.

Couldn't you concentrate on fixing existing bugs and implementing feature requests asked for a long time, instead of implementing new features coming out from nowhere that will bloat the whole thing when turned on?

Our reply...

Thanks for your thoughts on Feedreader and feature set. Here is our reply...

*If you do not see the point in some feature then that does not mean that this feature is nonsense. Of course there are some sites that do not contain normal information behind the link but these are really "SOME" sites. Take whatever news site and you get normal content behind the link. If you do not need the feature why to discuss it, just skip it.

*Offline support does not bloat Feedreader. No feature/functionality is added that makes Feedreader slower if you do not use the feature. What comes to possible "main menu bloat with added items" then this is the normal functionality in every kind of softwares.

*About your feature request - your functionality wishes to not need new features. Just add new tag (for example "todownload") to item that you would like to download in future. After this create smartfeed with "tag is one of following : todownload" and specify "download enclosures" in this smartfeed. After this all items that get "todownload" tag will be automatically downloaded then internet comes online.

*Feature requestes versus bug fixes - I guess you think that this offline feature is something that we are using daily and we are amusing ourself with weird features. It's not. This is exactly what we have been asked. Other softwares have this and it's ok to add this. But as we are already in this point - what are in your opinion top 5 bug fixes/ feature requests that you need most? Please list them and we can then analyze the needs. We really do not have currently time to go through the forums and see what needs to be done. Please continue to next paragraph to get broader view.

*Broader view - it's always good to use free software and ask for features and request bug fixes and live on this wave. But if we take a look at realities then we are not wizards here who have bunch of Golems doing the programming. And that we can let them do whatever what is needed. It's not so. We are normal people and prioritize tasks based on circumstances. Our TOP1 priority cannot be to server free version users. We have to get bread and butter on bread, too. So naturally we choose jobs that get us there. Only way how free version can be made better according to users wish is to use following logic.... "please do me this feature or fix this bug, I will donate 50 Euros..etc etc...". If something is desperately needed to be done then this could be the way to move on. And we have quite a lot of features that are added based on this logic. Of course these features are available to everybody.

So our proposal to all our users : "if something is desperately needed then just contact us and lets see what we can do and what you can do for us. If this way is not the way to go then it's always possible to wait for the features to appear from nowhere :). Sometimes it works :).".

My top 5 bugs / feature requests...

Hello, thanks for taking the time to reply in detail. So this new feature is something that has been asked before by your users? Then fine. Just forgive my ignorance on this point.

I cannot disagree *more* with your "broader view". I understand that you need money and that programming has a cost for your team. That is what paying customers are for. I will be honest with you. I have never made a donation on your site and probably never will. However, you must understand the value behind your non-paying user base. It is thanks to us, non paying users, that the program keeps improving. We work for you. We are your Marketing / Software Quality team.

In my case, I spend a lot of time on freeware forums helping to improve pieces of software by giving my feedback on bugs and suggesting new features. I do that for more than 20 pieces of software, and it costs me a lot of my time. I do this for the good of the users' community. I can give you the example of a very clever software programmer. During the free trial period, I reported a few bugs and improvement suggestions to him. He appreciated my comments and made the changes. To thank me for my feedback, he offered me a free registration code, so I continue to use and improve his software without paying the 25 euros for it.

What *you* are saying is that I should pay you? It is quite the opposite. Do you know many people willing to do some job for a company and give some money to the company? It is like having a negative salary... I forgive you if you overlook some feature requests or skip a bug correction. This is human and happens in real life also. But suggesting to pay 50 euros for you to correct a bug is nonsense. If it is so, then you had better close the forum and build a paypal page where users input their VISA card number to force code changes on you.

You should keep in mind that when you correct a bug, it benefits all users, paying and non paying customers, not just the person who reported the bug. Be aware that your paying customers do not always have the time or the expertise to provide you with constructive feedback or to report bugs. The more you take into account the remarks of your non-paying customers, the more it will benefit paying customers and the more you guarantee your future revenue stream with them.

Finally, I want to remind you that the reason for choosing feedreader is that it is unique, it has features not seen anywhere else. Trust me, I tried many other RSS readers, and feereader really offers a unique value proposition. Implementing intelligent suggestions made by your (non-paying) users will make feedreader stand out. Don't read me wrong, feedreader is really an outstanding product, and my only goal is to make it even better / easier to use than it is already.

I understand that you do not have the time to go on the forum to browse my messages. As you know, I posted more than 100 ideas in the forum already, I will make a big effort to list my 5 top priorities. I hope that by doing so you will consider them at this point.

Before you ask, yes I regularly execute the feedreaderbackup utility on my database.

Top 1 issue. Startup/Shutdown performance. When I open feedreader, the left pane is blank. Then folders appear 1 by 1. It takes about 1 minute to get all folders to display, so in effect, I cannot use feedreader for the 1st minute or 2. When I close feedreader, it also takes more than 1 minute to close.

Top 2 issue: Unread count is erratcly dysfunctional. Even pressing “Refresh unread articles count” does not solve this issue (only “Mark this feed read” does). Although this has improved recently for me, this problem has been reported by several other users: no later than yesterday “Smartfeed unread count wrong” in the Bug report forum. Or earlier in thread “(Severe bug) Unread count stopped working in 3.13”

Top 1 feature request: make smartfeeds easier to build.
Make it possible to use AND or OR operators on the same line. Example: Title contains xxx OR yyy.
Make it possible to use the NOT: operator “Feed name does NOT contain xxx”.
Enable operators like “Tag contains yyy”.
When you want to change from “Title contains xxx” to “Body contains xxx”, make it possible to just change “Title” to “Body” in the drop down list. Currently, feedreader empties all other feeds, so you have to select again “contains” and type again “xxx”.
Threads: “Smartfeed: "Title OR Body"” , “Feed name does not contain”, and other threads.
From other users:

Top 2 feature request: offer a dynamic display of feeds. My left pane is bloated with feeds with unread items, I would like to be able to hide / show feeds based on certain criteria. Two ideas:
- create a subset of favourite feeds. Possible actions: “display only favourite feeds” or “update only favourite feeds”. But I want to keep the favourite feeds in their original folder, not in a special favourite folder.

- Hide feeds based on a condition like “Display only unread feeds with less than xxx unread items”.

Related threads: “Favorite feeds” and “Hide feeds with more than _ _ _ unread items”.

Top 3 feature request: let me use my own download manager to manage attachements.
See thread "Download with other application"
Also asked by other users. Example: http://www.feedreader.com/node/101#comment-143

Top 1 issue - No problem for

Top 1 issue - No problem for me
Top 2 issue - No problem for me
Top 1 feature request - sounds good
Top 2 feature request - sounds good
Top 3 feature request - There already is some functionality if your download manager adds a context menu item for IE. eg Flashget - 'Download all using Flashget' is accessible within Feedreader.

Great program, keep up the good work!

Thanks for your support! I hope the dev guys could comment.

Good to know that you support the feature requests. I hope that the development team will give some feedback. They ask me in the first place to summarize my top 3 feature requests, then do not even make a comment.

Concerning your comment on Top 3 feature request, I agree with you and I use this already. There is a limitation though when the feed item has an attachement, there is no context menu to the attachement in feedreader. I have asked already to make the attachement appear as a link in the text or in the headers of the item, but as 99% of my suggestions, this was ignored. Ideally, feedreader lets me use my own download manager. Otherwise, I am happy with context menu, provided that it works for feed item attachements as well.

No problems about this

No problems about this attachment issue. We do not have to add any features because they already exist. We just did not want to add all the possible information to article display because it makes things messy.

But if you are interested in the link to podcast/attachment then I have created example atom.xsl file for you...

Download it from here : http://www.feedreader.com/failid/atom_podcast_example.xsl

and save to stylesheet folder with the name atom.xsl. You can also first create backup of original file.

What this replacement atom.xsl gives you? It now displays original link. If you want to change the display logic then you can open atom.xsl in notepad and try to move the attachment display block to upper end of this article. I just made the simple case...

For other interested parties... To publish enclosure link we use following XSL code:

<xsl:if test="feed:link[@rel='enclosure']">
<div class="content">
<xsl:attribute name="href">
<xsl:value-of select="feed:link[@rel='enclosure'][1]/@url"/>
Download enclosure

Download enclosure-links get lost on exporting articles

Dear developer team,

I downloaded your "atom_podcast_example.xsl", saved it to stylesheet folder with name "atom.xsl" and it works fine: all feed items including attachements now show a "Download enclosure"-link at their bottom.

Unfortunately this links get lost with exporting this arcticles to the file system, no one of the exported items do contain the download link any more as I could see in notepad.
Is there a way to change this behaviour by myself?

Happy Easter!

Top #1 and top #2 feature requests remaining, top # 3 solved

It works, thanks. You can consider my top feature request #3 solved.
I hope that the dev tem can give some feedback on my top feature requests #1 and #2.

#2 - we can really do

#2 - we can really do nothing about it at the moment. We really have tweaked unread counts as much as we can over these years. I know it does not work sometimes (the more of feeds and folders you have, the bigger is the possibility of unreadcounts to go wrong).

#1 - can you tell how many feeds you have? Basically if Feedreader will close down uncleanly (eg you terminate it because you do not want to wait) then unread counts are not saved and on startup Feedreader has to update all unreadcounts. And if you have "hide read feeds" enabled then you at first will see no feeds because unread count for them is zero (does not yet exist).

A side question - do you have "add additional performance" enabled in advanced options?

Top 2 feature requests, not top 2 issues.

#2 issue (broken unread count). OK, forget about it, this problem has vanished for me, it only appears sporadically.
#1 issue. I have around 280 feeds and something like 30 to 50 smartfeeds.
Yes, "add additional performance" is checked. Is this bad?
If you read my post carefully, I was expecting feedback about my top 2 feature requests, as tom-admin asked me to summarize my top requests. You know, it is very hard to summarize my requests, because I have made so many in the past. But now that there is a solution to #3, it boils down to 2 requests: #1 make smartfeeds easier to build and #2 offer a dynamic display of feeds.

Some articles are not getting downloaded...

Hey Toomas, also, some items are not getting downloaded when i select a bunch of items and right click and select the download option...

Full Screen View Bug

Firstly, thanks for the context menu fix, Thomas. It works ! And, the ini file editing seems to work, but I prefer a simple checkbox in the work offline options window. It would be a hell of a boon for noobs. And when I say noobs, trust me, I even know some of my noobiest friends using Feedreader. Also, after switching back from fullscreen to normal view, the proportions of the feedreader window chages to occupy the full screen. I am posting three screenshots, before, when, and after using fullscreen view. Check it below :

Before :


Fullscreen :


After :


PS. Fullscreen would be awesome after fixing the proportions changing error !!!

We added the missing

We added the missing proportions save and you will get this feature in next feedreader.exe. :) It will be available in some days - we must add localization support to new features before.


Im interested in translating feedreader to Swedish, looks like an non updated language.. please contact me! :)


Please download updated feedreader.exe from here:


This gives you the context menu item. If this item is available then there is no point of giving you 5...6 months period because this will download ALL articles and not only your favourites. Easiest way is just to make a smartfeed with all your favourites in and then select them all and run this context menu command.

What comes to image downloading then I suggest to try it out with INI file setting first and tell us if you like the result. I have quite fast computer and this functionality with downloading images will make it quite lagging. We are using Windows IE functionality for downloading web pages so it's not as fast as we would like it to be.

BTW... There is one other thing that we did on this latest EXE. If any of you is using netbook (or some other computer with small screen) then you will like new F11 command that changes Feedreader to full screen mode. This gives you a little bit more of screen estate for minibrowser and article lists.


Increase time limit from 30 days for offline article recovery.

I know that i can have my archived arcticle viewed offline now, but only from the last 30 days. I've been waiting for the offline feature, and saved a lot of articles, probably 5 months or 6 moths old. Please increase the option to download the articles from longer periods, so i can view all of my archives offline. Adding 1 or 3 year time would be a great help :) Also, an option (easy way for the noobs) for downloading images too, in the offline download box would be great. Since you guys give us most of the requested features, i think you could do this too. Please implement the increase in time period. Thanks in advance... :)

PS. Also, I am not getting the 'Download articles for offline reading' selection in the context menu after selecting the 'No download, switch to offline mode' button. Please fix this too... :)

smartfeeds still vanish

smartfeeds still vanish after restart

Vanishing of new smartfeeds and folders in v3.13 and v3.14

The following solution which works fine on my winXP-machine was rejected in this forum a few days ago ("your post has been flagged as potential spam) and never been released, so I try again (sorry for my bad english):

Topic: Possible solution for loosing new smartfeeds and folders after restarting Feedreader

Till today I used Feedreader v3.12 because in Feedreader 3.13 and 3.14 beta all new created Smartfeeds and folders disappeared after restarting the application.

Others have reported similar problems for example on:

- .../node/1599
- .../node/1756
- .../node/1606

Today I found a solution which I would like to share:

- renaming ALL folders and smartfeeds (not only the new ones),
so that their new names now do not contain any special characters any more
(dots, "&", "ü", "ä" and so on).

- reducing the number of feeds in a folder (maximal fifteen)

- use of DIFFERENT NAMES for folders and their feeds they contain.

After doing so both Feedreader 3.13 as well as 3.14 beta remember newly added smartfeeds and folders after a restart. Because Feedreader 3.14 beta works much faster than v.3.12/3.13 and is stable in spite of its beta status I post this on this forum.


Hint for the developer team: The fdb-database-file used under Feedreader v3.12 does not have had this error, which means that newly created folders or smartfeeds have not been disappearing after a restart although I didn't perform any renaming. Using the same fdb-file under v3.13 let to this issue.

This is fixed as from

This is fixed as from Feedreader 3.14 beta3

Can you tell how you exactly

Can you tell how you exactly manage the smartfeed. Can I do exactly the same as you somehow with clean database?


i create a smartfeed in the

i create a smartfeed in the root, restart feedreader and it's gone..
(but exists in the database, if you look there)

there is a thread about this in the forum http://www.feedreader.com/node/1756

..i can do a check with a

..i can do a check with a fresh database in a day or two


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translating feedreader

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