Feedreader 3.12 Alpha released


We released alpha version of Feedreader 3.12 again. THIS IS NOT A PRODUCTION RELEASE. PLEASE DO NOT MIRROR IT. IT'S JUST FOR TESTING.

What has changed:

  • Internal database changes. This is about performance and avoiding potential hangs.
  • New experimental feature "Quick Add Tag". If you are a person who constantly tags articles you may find it interesting. Feedreader tracks all your added tags and makes them available in Quick Add Tag submenu in articles listing popup menu. Now you just have to select a tag from this submenu and it will be added to article.
  • Experimental "PAGER" feature. Basically if all articles do not get shown on opening some feed or folder then there will appear buttons that let you see also older articles and so on. Look of this feature is quite ugly at the moment but you can still try it out. If everything works well then we will make default viewcount smaller (from 1000 to 500). This makes Feedreader quite a lot more responsive.

Please download Alpha version from here.

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