Life Hacker--Just in Time Debugging?

Feed Reader has a problem with the RSS feed from the Life Hacker website. Every time a feed is clicked, the Just in Time Debugging dialog box opens and asks if I want to debug using the selected debugger, which is usually the Microsoft Script Editor.

In all fairness, this seems to be a problem in other RSS readers as well. FeedReader is the best, IMHO, but I was wondering if there are any work arounds for this or is it just something that has to be lived with.

Thanks for a great product and thank you in advance for any help!

About Just In Time Debugging...

Just a comment about how to turn it of... At the moment it can be done only in Internet Explorer. Open Tools > Internet Options.

Then click on Advanced tab. Search for : Browsing > Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Browsing > Disable script debugging (other)

You can check both checkboxes and you do not see any more script errors.


thank you so much! i was having a problem with the debugger going off every 5 seconds from my new xfire skin and i went to the site but it didnt exactly tell you that you have to have IE opened to disable it... anyways its working fine now so thanks again!


Note: Feed Reader now does not have any problem with the LifeHacker RSS feed at all. It appears that the problem has fixed itself. I do not know why but I'm glad it now works!

Thank you again for the best reader out there!