RSS for Jira (FeadReader does not show when issue update)

First let me thank you for FeedReader. I love it. It even work nicely for RSS over https + authentication.

I am trying to use it to monitor issue in Jira. I do use SSL+authentication and it works fine. I have other problem:
When I create new issue FeedReader correctly shows notification, but when I update issue, like changing status, FeedReader get new information, but does not notify or make article bold again. So user does not know that something changed for that issue.

For example RssReader will always create new article for every issue update.
Personally I would prefer mixed solution.

When the same entry updated, FeedReader shows notification and move existing article on the top of the list and make it bold. But even duplication of article will be better then not showing notification at all.
In current form FeadReader is not usable for Jira RSS feeds.

To reproduce please use Jira sandbox:
Subscribe to that RSS feed - click to "RSS (issues)".

Login with user name: feedreader and password "feadreader1"
Change status of one of the issues, for example:
Click "Close Issue".

Update feed and FeadReader does not show that article changed, but it will have correct entry with new update status.

It would be great if you could fix it.


Some comments :)

I quite perfectly get the issue that you are having. You want to change status of item to "unread" if there are any changes to article. We had this kind of feature in earlier versions of Feedreader (pre 3.0). We left this feature out because you cannot imagine how many blogs and newspapers are changing their content after publishing it. Add comma here or uppercase letter there. And these changes are not important to normal users.

I took a look at code. Making readstatus to "unread" is easy but hard part is updating unreadcount after these changes. And I do not like the half made solution.

Workaround from your side would be adding "GUID" element to feed and changing it every time you change the task. This way you will get new entry after every task change. Guid element is part of RSS 2.0 specification, you should upgrade to it.

Some more remarks:

Feedreader did not recognize the dates and times because timestamp that you are using is in wrong format. You are using:

Tue, 25 Mar 2008 08:04:23 -0500 (CDT)

But here you have to use either -0500 OR CDT not both at the same time.


I kinda find workaround. I

I kinda find workaround.
I added timestamp in Jira RSS generation to .
For thouse who interested change file:
Chnage line:


Also when I update feed and

Also when I update feed and it updates issue information it does not update view of that issue. Only if I click to other feed and return back I see that updated issue get on top of the list, but there were no notification, no bold color.

Is there a way for me to change RSS generation on Jira side to make FeedReader to show same issue as new if it's updated? I tried to append timestamp to title. but it does not helped. FeedReader update title, but does not trigger notification. It still see it as the same issue.

I found that FeedReader only one RSS reader that proper support authentication over SSH. If only you could fix this notification for updated issue, that would make it perfect for monitoring articles that get updated.

added feature request for

added feature request for that issue:

I use FeedReader 3.12

I use FeedReader 3.12