Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions what we always need to answer :).

After installing new version of Feedreader feeds do not update any more (Error adding feed: Socket error : # 10061)

In many cases this is the problem of Personal Firewall products. Personal Firewalls tracks Feedreader application file size. If new version's filesize has changed (and it changes in most cases) then Firewall will disable Feedreader's internet access.

For example if you want to add new feed to Feedreader then it says :

Error adding feed: Socket error : # 10061

This error message means that Feedreader cannot access internet.

So please check Personal Firewall setup and reenable Feedreader to access internet if needed.

"Unread news" feature went missing and I cannot get it back

"Unread news" is just a smartfeed. I guess you somehow deleted it. You can recreate it by clicking on File > New smartfeed and then making the smartfeed condition to look like "Status > is > Unread". By the way you can try out other smartfeeds, too. In fact this is the most advanced part of Feedreader :). Just search for phrase or combine feeds or show articles with some tags.

How do I remove Feedreader from my computer

Please shut down Feedreader and then delete two folders:

c:\program files\feedreader30 (this is Feedreader program directory)
c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\application data\Feedreader (this is Feedreader data directory)

Second folder is hidden folder, so you have to set folder options to "show hidden folders"

How to customize Feedreader 2.9 with default feeds and settings.

You must follow next steps:

* Download and install Inno Setup.

* Make new directory for customization work.

* Download install script for Feedreader and save it in customization directory.

* Copy feedreader.exe from Feedreader directory to customization directory.

* If you want copy translation.lng from Feedreader directory to customization directory.

* Copy all dll-s from Feedreader directory to customization directory.

* Copy license.txt from Feedreader directory to customization directory

* Run Feedreader and make feed list as you want it to appear in customized version.

* Quit feedreader and copy subscriptions.xml from c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Feedreader to customization directory.

* Rename it as import.xml

* Open Feedreader_Setup.iss in Inno Setup and compile Feedreader setup package.

* New setup install package should be created.

* If you need, you can change Feedreader_Setup.iss to fit your needs.

How to customize Feedreader 3.0 with default feeds and settings.

To create Feedreader setup package with custom feeds please follow next steps:

  • Download latest Inno Setup
  • Download Feedreader 3.x setup script
  • Use downloaded setup script as template
  • Install Feedreader, change properties way the you like. Subscribe to feeds what you like.
  • When you have changed properties and subscribed to feeds then you can locate two data files: feedreader.ini and rssengine.fdb. Usually they are located in c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\application data\Feedreader.
  • Include files feedreader.ini and rssengine.fdb in Feedreader setup package (you have to read Inno Setup help for this)
  • All files that are needed by Inno Setup can be found in c:\program files\feedreader30.

If you have followed these steps you can finally create your custom Feedreader setup package.

We allow this method only for private/noncommercial or closed environment Feedreader customisations. If you need to make Feedreader available for masses with your feeds then please contact us

I need to export/archive all the unread blog articles I have in Feedreader.

I need to export/archive all the unread blog articles I have in Feedreader. Ideally, I'd be able to get them out as formatted HTML. It seems as though Feedreader Connect personal might enable this? This is strictly a personal project.

It may be easier than you think :) . Please use webview (Alt+3) to view all articles. Now click somewhere on articles list and press Control+A after this. This will select all the HTML. Now paste this HTML to application that supports HTML formating. For example if you paste to Word or Thunderbird email window HTML works. But if you paste to Notepad then HTML does not appear and only text appears.

Another possibility is to dig folder c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\application data\Feedreader\cache. If you start Feedreader then this folder is empty but it will contain all articles and webview that you read. So just look for files and you may get HTML files containing articles directly from there. Webview files are starting with ~feed....

You may ask that why there are only limited number of articles in webview. This is because by default Feedreader only shows 100 last articles. You either have to copy articles multiple times or make webview count bigger. For example add webviewcount=300 to feedreader.ini under [misc] section and after restart Feedreader displays 300 articles at a time in minibrowser window.

If you are talking about "unread" messages then make sure that "show only unread" is selected from view menu or you create special smartfeed with unread status.

What is Intellupdate?

Intelliupdate is special algorithm that computes time for every feed's update. You can see results from this algorithm then checking last update and next update times and calculating values in different feeds.

Intelliupdate wants to be intelligent. Also it wants to do no harm to webservers serving RSS feeds. Novadays there are so many users of RSS and it's not good idea to make little update period for every feed. Also - take Slashdot example - if you are polling Slashdot once in 10 minutes then you will soon get banned.

Intelliupdate tries to do it. For example if there is only one new article in few days in some feed, there is no point of polling this feed every 10 minutes. And for example if there are new items every 10 minutes then Feedreader polls for new items every 10 minutes.

That's why Intelliupdate is default for every feed. For normal person and normal feed it should be enough. If some feed behaves diferently then user can change this option.

Let's get my own example I have 40 feeds what I read. I have only changed this period in three feeds. In all other feeds this Intelliupdate works well..

And you can always press Control+Shitf+F5 to do manual update of all feeds.